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Detecting Bioterror (Forensic Epidemiology)

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Detecting Bioterror

Detecting Bioterror provides an overview of forensic epidemiology and the activities of law enforcement officers, laboratory professionals, and public health personnel in joint investigations of bioterrorist events. The course provides not only instructional content on a wide variety of bioterrorism-related concepts, it also dramatizes a bioterrorism investigation in a “mystery movie,” provides case studies, links, and other instructional tools.


This course is intended for public health professionals, medical examiners, coroners, EMT's, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and laboratory personnel.


After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Define forensic epidemiology
  • Identify the roles of professionals involved in bioterrorism investigations.
  • Identify the indicators that a bioterrorist event has taken place.
  • Recognize the importance of interagency cooperation in investigations.

Technical Requirements

This course is built to XHTML 1.1 specifications. A modern web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox is required to view the pages.


Originally launched February 15th, 2008


Estimated time for this course is approximately 1 hour per module, for a total of 6 hours.


Free and open to the public.


Development of this course was supervised by Dr. Robert Westphal and Dr. Stan Kondracki for the Center for Public Health Preparedness, University at Albany School of Public Health.


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